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Awesome MicroPython


A curated list of awesome MicroPython libraries, frameworks, software and resources.

MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3 programming language that includes a small subset of the Python standard library and is optimised to run on microcontrollers and in constrained environments.



Other places you can look for MicroPython Libraries:

  • PyPi - This filter shows just the MicroPython libraries on PyPi. Note: You cannot pip install micropython libraries. See MicroPython docs for more information on upip.
  • GitHub Search - Search GitHub for repositories containing MicroPython.
  • GitHub Topic - MicroPython - Browse GitHub Topics for projects tagged with MicroPython.
  • - query for MicroPython.
  • GitLab Explore - Explore repositories on GitLab.


  • MicroMLP - A micro neural network multilayer perceptron for MicroPython (used on ESP32 and Pycom modules).


  • uMath - Computer Algebra for microcontrollers.
  • micropython-ulab - A numpy-like fast vector module for MicroPython.
  • micropython-fourier - Fast Fourier transform in MicroPython's inline ARM assembler.
  • ulinalg - Small size matrix handling module with a few linear algebra operations specifically for MicroPython (Python3).
  • micropython-mtx - Fast Matrix Multiplication and Linear Solver on MicroPython.
  • micropython-vec - Vector Operations on MicroPython.
  • MicroPython_Statistics - Statistics module for MicroPython.





  • PyBoard-HC05-Android - Pyboard HC05 Bluetooth adaptor example application.
  • uble - Lightweight Bluetooth Low Energy driver written in pure Python for MicroPython.
  • MicroPythonBLEHID - Human Interface Device (HID) over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) GATT library for MicroPython.
  • upyble - Command line tool for Bluetooth Low Energy MicroPython devices.



  • mpyaes - MicroPython module for AES encryption.
  • micropython-aes - AES algorithm with pure python implementation.
  • ucrypto - MicroPython package for doing fast elliptic curve cryptography, specifically digital signatures. API design inspired from fastecdsa and implementation based on tomsfastmath.
  • ucryptoauthlib - Lightweight driver for Microchip Crypto Authentication secure elements written in pure python for MicroPython.
  • embit - A minimal bitcoin library for MicroPython and Python3 with a focus on embedded systems.
  • microotp - A ESP8266 MicroPython OTP Generator.
  • micropython-rsa-signing - RSA signing on MicroPython.
  • micropython-cryptomsg - A MicroPython module to encrypt and decrypt messages with AES CBC mode.


  • ICantBelieveItsNotDNS - "I Can't Believe It's Not DNS!" (ICBIND) is an authoritative DNS server for the ESP8266 written in MicroPython.
  • MicroDNSSrv - A micro DNS server for MicroPython to simply respond to A queries on multi-domains with or without wildcards (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • tinydns - Very simple DNS async server for MicroPython.
  • micropython-captiveportal - Minimal async captive portal for MicroPython (compatible with uasyncio v3/MicroPython 1.13+ as well as earlier versions).
  • Micropython-DNSServer-Captive-Portal - MicroPython WiFi AP Captive Portal with DNS and Web Server.


  • Official wiznet5k - Official driver for the WIZnet5x00 series of Ethernet controllers.



  • micropyGPS - Full featured GPS NMEA sentence parser.
  • micropython-gnssl76l - MicroPython I2C driver for Quectel GNSS L76-L (GPS).
  • mpy-agps - MicroPython implementation of assisted location services (AGPS).



  • microhomie - MicroPython implementation of the Homie MQTT convention for IoT.
  • uPyEcho - Emulated Belkin WeMo device that works with Amazon Echo (Alexa) using MicroPython on an ESP32.
  • SonosRemote - A remote for Sonos installations running on an ESP8266 and using Sonos HTTP API.
  • micropython-home-assistant - MicroPython based scripts to extend you home assistant driven home automation projects.
  • micropython-iot - An approach to designing IOT applications using ESP8266/Pyboard D endpoints.
  • iot-core-micropython - Use MicroPython to connect to Google Cloud IoT Core.
  • SmartUPy - Controlling "Tuya-type" smart power outlets using MicroPython.
  • aws-iot-GET-POST-loop - MicroPython code which uses the AWS-IOT REST API to GET/POST device state info.
  • sensor-mqtt-homeassistant - An esp8266/32 MicroPython based sensor platform for gpio, dht, analog, led and more. Includes remote updates for .py code from web server and MQTT/Homeassistant integration.




  • micropython-mdns - A pure python implementation of MDNS with support for Service Discovery.



  • micropython-mqtt - A 'resilient' asynchronous MQTT driver. Plus a means of using an ESP8266 to bring MQTT to non-networked targets.
  • MQBoard - A micro-framework for using MQTT with asyncio on MicroPython boards, primarily on the ESP32.
  • pysmartnode - MicroPython Smarthome framework.
  • umqtt_aws_iot - Publish UMQTT messages with MicroPython to AWS IoT.
  • sonoff-mqtt by davea - MicroPython scripts to control Sonoff/ESP8266 using MQTT.
  • micropython-sonoff-switch - Implements a MQTT controllable switch for the iTead Sonoff Switch using MicroPython.
  • micropython-thingspeak-mqtt-esp8266 - Publish and Subscribe to Thingspeak using MQTT with MicroPython running on ESP8266/ESP32 platforms.
  • uMQTT - MQTT publish for MicroPython on the WiPy board.
  • micropython-mqtt - Async MQTT library with auto reconnect for MicroPython devices such as the ESP32 or Pycom devices.
  • micropython-adafruit-mqtt-esp8266 - Using MQTT to Publish/Subscribe to adafruit io. MicroPython/CircuitPython implementation on ESP8266/ESP32.
  • MicropythonCayenneMQTTClient - A port of the Python Cayenne MQTT Client to MicroPython.
  • mqtt_upython - MQTT Client using MicroPython on ESP8266.


  • micropython-nfc - Using NFC with MicroPython.
  • NFC_PN532_SPI - Partial Port of Adafruit CircuitPython to MicroPython of PN532 NFC/RFID control library (SPI).



  • Official OneWire - For devices using the OneWire bus, eg Dallas ds18x20.
  • Onewire_DS18X20 - Classes for driving the DS18x20 sensor with the onewire protocol for Pycom MicroPython.


  • eiscp-micropython - MicroPython port for the Onkyo-EISCP protocol used, among others, by Pioneer.




  • webrepl - MicroPython WebREPL.
  • zepl - MicroPython WebREPL Console Application using ZeroMQ.
  • jupyter_micropython_remote - Jupyter kernel to directly execute code on a MicroPython board over the serial/web REPL.
  • FBConsole - Frame buffer console class for MicroPython.




  • mpy-miniterm - Tool for seamless serial debug and file synchronisation with MicroPython devices via the serial REPL.
  • MicroPython-MorseCode - International Morse Code using a micro-controller with MicroPython.


  • micropython-msgpack - MessagePack serialisation library optimised for MicroPython.
  • micropython-uprotobuf - A lightweight implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers (protobuf) for MicroPython.
  • minipb - Mini Protobuf {de}serializer in pure Python.



  • uMail - A lightweight, scalable SMTP client for sending email in MicroPython.


  • us2n - MicroPython bridge between UART and TCP for the ESP32.


  • MicroTelnetServer - Simple telnet server for MicroPython and the ESP8266 allowing telnet clients access to the REPL.


  • uPyVoip - Voip for MicroPython ESP32 with Interactive Voice Response.



  • MicroWebSrv - A micro HTTP Web server that supports WebSockets, html/python language templating and routing handlers, for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • MicroWebSrv2 - The last Micro Web Server for IoTs (MicroPython) or large servers (CPython), that supports WebSockets, routes, template engine and with really optimized architecture (mem allocations, async I/Os).
  • tinyweb - Simple and lightweight HTTP async server for MicroPython.
  • upy-websocket-server - MicroPython (ESP8266) websocket server implementation.
  • micropython-captive-portal - A captive portal demo for MicroPython.
  • uPyPortal - A captive portal for MicroPython using ESP32 (WeMos).
  • ESP8266WebServer - ESP8266 web server for MicroPython.
  • microCoAPy - A mini client/server implementation of CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) into MicroPython.
  • micropyserver - MicroPyServer is a simple HTTP server for MicroPython projects.
  • MicroRESTCli - A micro JSON REST Web client based on MicroWebCli for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • micropython-noggin - A very simple web server for MicroPython.
  • uwebsockets - MicroPython websockets implementation for ESP8266.
  • microdot - The impossibly small web framework for MicroPython.
  • micropython-nanoweb - Full async MicroPython web server with small memory footprint.
  • MicroWebCli - A micro HTTP Web client for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • micropython-configserver - Captive portal for MicroPython including a dumb DNS server and a webserver to configure wifi networks.
  • micropython-aioweb - A minimalist asyncio web framework for MicroPython.


  • ZbPy - MicroPython IEEE802.15.4 / Zigbee parser.




  • micropython-font-to-py - A Python 3 utility to convert fonts to Python source capable of being frozen as bytecode.
  • ssd1306big - A font for MicroPython on 128x64 pixel ssd1306 oled display.



  • lvgl - An object oriented component based high-level GUI library with MicroPython binding.
  • micropython-lcd160cr-gui - Simple touch driven event based GUI for the Pyboard and LCD160CR colour display.
  • micropython_ra8875 - MicroPython device driver and nano-GUI for RA8875 based displays.
  • micropython-nano-gui - Nano-Gui provides a limited set of GUI objects (widgets) for displays whose display driver is subclassed from the framebuf class. Which includes LCD and OLED displays.

LCD Character

LCD Graphic


LED Matrix

LED Segment






  • ads1x15 - Driver for the ADS1015/ADS1115 ADC, I2C interface.
  • micropython-ads1015 - ADS1015 12-Bit and ADS1115 16-bit ADC, 4 channels with programmable gain, I2C interface.
  • Micropython_ADS1115 - ADS1115 16-bit ADC, 4 channels with programmable gain, I2C interface.
  • ADS7818 - Python class interfacing the ADS7818 AD-converter.
  • micropython-ads1219 - MicroPython module for the Texas Instruments ADS1219 ADC.
  • micropython-hx711 - MicroPython driver for HX711 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter.
  • MicroPython-ADC_Cal - ESP32 ADC driver using reference voltage calibration value from efuse.



  • micropython-inputs - Classes to count pulses, debounce digital inputs, and calculate moving averages of analog inputs for a MicroPython board.
  • ubutton - A MicroPython library for controlling reading and debouncing pushbutton inputs, including "short" and "long" press callbacks.
  • micropython-debounce-switch - MicroPython Class for Debouncing Switches.





  • micropython-ad840x - MicroPython SPI-based manipulation of the AD series digital potentiometers AD8400, AD8402 and AD8403.
  • mcp4131 - MicroPython module to control MicroChip's MCP4131 SPI digital potentiometer

Power Management


  • upwmcontroller - A MicroPython library for controlling PWM outputs in an asyncio loop, with features including fading and blinking.

Rotary Encoder

  • micropython-rotary - MicroPython module to read a rotary encoder.
  • uencoder - A MicroPython library for reading from a rotary encoder.
  • encodermenu - Simple GUI menu for micropython using a rotary encoder and basic display.
  • encoderLib - MicroPython library to handle a rotary encoder.
  • rotary-encoder - MicroPython code to drive a KY-040 rotary encoder.
  • micropython-encoder-knob - A very simple lightweight encoder knob library with button support.

Shift Registers

  • micropython-74hc595 - MicroPython driver for 74HC595 8-bit shift registers.
  • MicroPython-SN74HCS264 - MicroPython Driver for SN74HCS264 8-Bit Parallel-Out Serial Shift Registers With Schmitt-Trigger Inputs and Inverted Outputs.

Waveform Generator


DC Motor

  • L298N - Driver for the L298N dual h-bridge motor controller.
  • MicroPython-L298 - Drive L298 dual H-bridge with MicroPython.




Accelerometer Digital

Air Quality


  • micropython-bme280 - Driver for the Bosch BME280 temperature/pressure/humidity sensor.
  • micropython-bmp180 - Driver for Bosch BMP180 temperature, pressure and altitude sensor.
  • mpy_bme280_esp8266 - Bosch BME280 temperature/pressure/humidity sensor.
  • BME280 - MicroPython driver for the BME280 sensor, target platform Pycom devices.
  • micropython-bmp280 - Module for the BMP280 sensor.
  • micropython_bme280_i2c - A MicroPython module for communicating with the Bosch BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor.
  • MicroPython-BME280 - Driver to digital sensor of Temperature, Pressure and Humidity.
  • micropython-bmp180 - A module for MicroPython which provides a class for the BMP180 pressure sensor.







Distance IR

Distance Laser

Distance Ultrasonic


  • pyGP2Y - MicroPython library for the Sharp GP2Y1014AU0F Dust Sensor.


  • ATM90E26_Micropython - Driver for ATM90E26 energy metering device.
  • MCP39F521 - ESP8266 scripts for reading MCP39F521 power monitors.
  • micropython-p1meter - A ESP32 sensor to read an p1 electricity meter and publish this to MQTT and HomeAssistant, written in MicroPython.
  • esp32-solar2 - Simple solar regulator - MicroPython project.


  • micropython-MQ - Drivers for MQ series gas sensors.
  • MQ135 - Driver for MQ135 gas sensor.
  • CCS811 - Basic MicroPython driver for CCS811 on ESP8266 boards.
  • micropython-scd30 - MicroPython I2C driver for Sensirion SCD30 CO2 sensor module.
  • micropython-sgp40 - MicroPython I2C driver for SGP40 VOC sensor module.


Motion Inertial



  • uPy_APDS9960 - MicroPython proximity library for esp8266 using APDS9960.


Soil Moisture

  • micropython-chirp - Driver for the Chirp Soil Moisture Sensor.
  • MicroPython-MiFlora - Xiaomi Mi Flora (aka. flower care) BLE plant sensors (soil moisture/conductivity/light intensity/temperature).


  • AS726X_LoPy - MicroPython driver for the AS726X spectral sensor.

Temperature Analog

  • micropython-max31855 - Thermocouple amplifier, SPI interface.
  • max31856 - Precision thermocouple to digital converter with linearization, SPI interface.
  • mcp9700 - Generic MicroPython driver for MCP9700.

Temperature Digital

Temperature IR

Touch Capacitive

  • micropython-mpr121 - Driver for MPR121 capacitive touch keypads and breakout boards.
  • micropython-ttp223 - Examples using TTP223 capacitive touch module.
  • micropython-TTP229-BSF - MicroPython ESP8266/ESP32 driver for TTP229-BSF 16-key capacitive keypad in serial interface mode.
  • uFT6336U - MicroPython I2C driver for the Focus LCDs FT6336U capacitive touch panel controller IC.

Touch Resistive


  • micropython-mcron - MicroCRON is a time-based task scheduling program for MicroPython.
  • micropython-scron - SimpleCRON is a time-based task scheduling program inspired by the well-known CRON program for Unix systems.
  • Micropython-scheduler - A set of libraries for writing threaded code on the MicroPython board.




  • micropython_eeprom - MicroPython device drivers for nonvolatile memory chips (EEPROM, FRAM, Flash).
  • mb_24x256_512 - Very simple MicroPython module/driver for Microchip 24x256 and 24x512 I2C EEPROM devices.


  • micropython_data_to_py - A Python3 utility to convert an arbitrary binary file to Python source for storage in Flash.



  • mb_PSRAM_64Mb_SPI - Very simple MicroPython module to use a generic 64Mbit PSRAM (ie Adafruit 4677) with a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040).


  • mb_23LC1024 - Very simple MicroPython module to use a Microchip 23LC1024 SPI SRAM with a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040).
  • mb_47x16 - Very simple MicroPython module/driver for Microchip 47x16 EERAM devices (47L/47C).


  • MicroWorkers - A micro workers class that easily manages a pool of threads to optimise simultaneous jobs and jobs endings, for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).

User Interface

  • upymenu - MicroPython Menu for LCD Displays.
  • micropython-micro-gui - A lightweight MicroPython GUI library for display drivers based on framebuf, allows input via pushbuttons.




  • micrOS - MicroPython based IoT Framework.
  • terkin-datalogger - Flexible data logger application for MicroPython and CPython.



Code Generation

  • micropy-cli - Micropy Cli is a project management/generation tool for writing MicroPython code in modern IDEs such as VSCode.
  • micropython-stubber - Generate and use stubs for different MicroPython firmwares to use with vscode and/or pylint.
  • micropy-stubs - Automatically Generated Stub Packages for Micropy-Cli and whomever else.
  • micropython-extmod-generator - Generator for MicroPython external modules written in C.





On Device

  • upy-shell - A simple command line based shell for MicroPython.
  • Micropython-Editor - Small on-board editor for PyBoard, WiPy, ESP8266, ESP32, PyCom and Adafruit devices written in Python.

On Host

  • rshell - Copy or Sync files to Boards, enter REPL from your terminal.
  • ampy - MicroPython Tool - Utility to interact with a MicroPython board over a serial connection.
  • mpfshell - A simple shell based file explorer for ESP8266 and WiPy.
  • mpsync - A small tool that synchronizes a folder to a MicroPython board whenever it detects a change.



Contributions and suggestions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

I will keep some pull requests open if I'm not sure whether those libraries are awesome, you could vote for them by adding 👍 to them.