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Awesome MicroPython


A curated list of awesome MicroPython libraries, frameworks, software and resources.

MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3 programming language that includes a small subset of the Python standard library and is optimised to run on microcontrollers and in constrained environments.



Other places you can look for MicroPython Libraries:

  • PyPi - This filter shows just the MicroPython libraries on PyPi. Note: You cannot pip install MicroPython libraries. See the MicroPython docs for more information on managing packages with MicroPython.
  • GitHub Search - Search GitHub for repositories containing MicroPython.
  • GitHub Topic - MicroPython - Browse GitHub Topics for projects tagged with MicroPython.
  • - query for MicroPython.
  • GitLab Explore - Explore repositories on GitLab.
  • Codeberg Explore - Explore repositories on Codeberg.


  • MicroMLP - A micro neural network multilayer perceptron for MicroPython (used on ESP32 and Pycom modules).
  • MicroPython-NeuralNetwork - Neural Network for MicroPython.


  • uMath - Computer Algebra for microcontrollers.
  • micropython-ulab - A NumPy-like fast vector module for MicroPython.
  • micropython-fourier - Fast Fourier transform in MicroPython's inline ARM assembler.
  • Filters - FIR filters using ARM Thumb assembler. Using an online utility you can go from a graph of required frequency response to a filter implementation.
  • ulinalg - Small size matrix handling module with a few linear algebra operations specifically for MicroPython (Python 3).
  • micropython-mtx - Fast Matrix Multiplication and Linear Solver on MicroPython.
  • micropython-vec - Vector Operations on MicroPython.
  • MicroPython_Statistics - Statistics module for MicroPython.
  • MicroPython-Matrix - MicroPython basic matrix operations.






  • PyBoard-HC05-Android - Pyboard HC05 Bluetooth adapter example application.
  • uble - Lightweight Bluetooth Low Energy driver written in pure Python for MicroPython.
  • MicroPythonBLEHID - Human Interface Device (HID) over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) GATT library for MicroPython.
  • upyble - Command line tool for Bluetooth Low Energy MicroPython devices.
  • micropython-xiaomi-ble-adv-parse - Passively retrieve sensor data from some Xiaomi Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors.
  • mijia-temphum-upy - MicroPython library to read certain Xiaomi Mijia BLE temperature & humidity sensors.



  • ufastlz - MicroPython wrapper for FastLZ, a lightning-fast lossless compression library.
  • tamp - A low-memory, MicroPython-optimized, DEFLATE-inspired lossless compression library.


  • ucryptography - Lightweight porting of pyca/cryptography to MicroPython based on ARM Mbed TLS.
  • mpyaes - MicroPython module for AES encryption.
  • micropython-aes - AES algorithm with pure python implementation.
  • ucrypto - MicroPython package for doing fast RSA and elliptic curve cryptography, specifically digital signatures. ECDSA API design inspired from fastecdsa and implementation based on tomsfastmath.
  • ucryptoauthlib - Lightweight driver for Microchip Crypto Authentication secure elements written in pure Python for MicroPython.
  • embit - A minimal Bitcoin library for MicroPython and Python 3 with a focus on embedded systems.
  • microotp - An ESP8266 MicroPython OTP Generator.
  • micropython-rsa-signing - RSA signing on MicroPython.
  • micropython-cryptomsg - A MicroPython module to encrypt and decrypt messages with AES CBC mode.
  • mprsa - A MicroPython module for creating, importing, and exporting RSA keys in DER and PEM formats with PKCS#1, PKCS#8, and X.509/SPKI structures, and signing/verifying and encryption/decryption using blinding and SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing algorithms.


  • ICantBelieveItsNotDNS - "I Can't Believe It's Not DNS!" (ICBIND) is an authoritative DNS server for the ESP8266 written in MicroPython.
  • MicroDNSSrv - A micro DNS server for MicroPython to simply respond to A queries on multi-domains with or without wildcards (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • tinydns - Very simple DNS async server for MicroPython.
  • micropython-captiveportal - Minimal async captive portal for MicroPython (compatible with uasyncio v3/MicroPython 1.13+ as well as earlier versions).
  • Micropython-DNSServer-Captive-Portal - MicroPython WiFi AP Captive Portal with DNS and Web Server.






  • microhomie - MicroPython implementation of the Homie MQTT convention for IoT.
  • uPyEcho - Emulated Belkin WeMo device that works with Amazon Echo (Alexa) using MicroPython on an ESP32.
  • SonosRemote - A remote for Sonos installations running on an ESP8266 and using Sonos HTTP API.
  • micropython-home-assistant - MicroPython-based scripts to extend your Home Assistant-driven home automation projects.
  • micropython-iot - An approach to designing IoT applications using ESP8266, ESP32 or Pyboard D endpoints.
  • iot-core-micropython - Use MicroPython to connect to Google Cloud IoT Core.
  • SmartUPy - Controlling "Tuya-type" smart power outlets using MicroPython.
  • aws-iot-GET-POST-loop - MicroPython code which uses the AWS IoT REST API to GET/POST device state info.
  • sensor-mqtt-homeassistant - An ESP8266/ESP32 MicroPython-based sensor platform for GPIO, DHT, analog, LED and more. Includes remote updates for .py code from web server and MQTT/Home Assistant integration.




  • micropython-mdns - A pure Python implementation of MDNS with support for Service Discovery.


  • micropython-modbus - MicroPython port of modbus-tk.
  • micropython-modbus - Modbus Master library for MicroPython ESP32 devices. Based on pycom-modbus from Pycom.
  • mp_modbus - Modbus library for MicroPython.
  • micropython-modbus - ModBus TCP and RTU library supporting client and host mode. Based on pycom-modbus from Pycom.


  • micropython-mqtt - A 'resilient' asynchronous MQTT driver. Plus a means of using an ESP8266 to bring MQTT to non-networked targets.
  • MQBoard - A micro-framework for using MQTT with asyncio on MicroPython boards, primarily on the ESP32.
  • pysmartnode - MicroPython Smart Home framework.
  • umqtt_aws_iot - Publish UMQTT messages with MicroPython to AWS IoT.
  • sonoff-mqtt by davea - MicroPython scripts to control Sonoff/ESP8266 using MQTT.
  • micropython-sonoff-switch - Implements an MQTT-controllable switch for the iTead Sonoff Switch using MicroPython.
  • micropython-thingspeak-mqtt-esp8266 - Publish and Subscribe to ThingSpeak using MQTT with MicroPython running on ESP8266/ESP32 platforms.
  • uMQTT - MQTT publish for MicroPython on the WiPy board.
  • micropython-mqtt - Async MQTT library with auto reconnect for MicroPython devices such as the ESP32 or Pycom devices.
  • micropython-adafruit-mqtt-esp8266 - Using MQTT to Publish/Subscribe to Adafruit IO. MicroPython/CircuitPython implementation on ESP8266/ESP32.
  • MicropythonCayenneMQTTClient - A port of the Python Cayenne MQTT Client to MicroPython.
  • mqtt_upython - MQTT Client using MicroPython on ESP8266.


  • micropython-nfc - Using NFC with MicroPython.
  • micropython_pn532 - Driver for PN532 NFC/RFID breakout boards based on Adafruit CircuitPython (UART).
  • NFC_PN532_SPI - Partial port of Adafruit CircuitPython to MicroPython of PN532 NFC/RFID control library (SPI).



  • Official OneWire - For devices using the OneWire bus, eg Dallas DS18x20.
  • Onewire_DS18X20 - Classes for driving the DS18x20 sensor with the OneWire protocol for Pycom MicroPython.


  • eiscp-micropython - MicroPython port for the Onkyo-EISCP protocol used, among others, by Pioneer.



RC receiver


  • webrepl - MicroPython WebREPL.
  • zepl - MicroPython WebREPL Console Application using ZeroMQ.
  • jupyter_micropython_remote - Jupyter kernel to directly execute code on a MicroPython board over the serial/web REPL.
  • FBConsole - Framebuffer console class for MicroPython.




  • mpy-miniterm - Tool for seamless serial debug and file synchronisation with MicroPython devices via the serial REPL.
  • MicroPython-MorseCode - International Morse Code using a microcontroller with MicroPython.
  • I2C Slave - Uses the Pyboard's I2C slave mode to implement a full duplex asynchronous link. Principal use case is for ESP8266 which has only one UART.


  • micropython-msgpack - MessagePack serialisation library optimised for MicroPython.
  • micropython-uprotobuf - A lightweight implementation of Google's Protocol Buffers (protobuf) for MicroPython.
  • minipb - Mini Protobuf {de}serializer in pure Python.



  • uMail - A lightweight, scalable SMTP client for sending email in MicroPython.


  • us2n - MicroPython bridge between UART and TCP for the ESP32.


  • MicroTelnetServer - Simple telnet server for MicroPython and the ESP8266 allowing telnet clients access to the REPL.


  • uPyVoip - VoIP for MicroPython ESP32 with Interactive Voice Response.



  • MicroWebSrv - A micro HTTP web server that supports WebSockets, HTML/Python language templating and routing handlers, for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • MicroWebSrv2 - The last micro web server for IoTs (MicroPython) or large servers (CPython), that supports WebSocket, routes, template engine and with really optimized architecture (mem allocations, async I/Os).
  • tinyweb - Simple and lightweight HTTP async server for MicroPython.
  • upy-websocket-server - MicroPython (ESP8266) WebSocket server implementation.
  • micropython-captive-portal - A captive portal demo for MicroPython.
  • uPyPortal - A captive portal for MicroPython using ESP32 (Wemos).
  • ESP8266WebServer - ESP8266 web server for MicroPython.
  • microCoAPy - A mini client/server implementation of CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) into MicroPython.
  • micropyserver - MicroPyServer is a simple HTTP server for MicroPython projects.
  • MicroRESTCli - A micro JSON REST web client based on MicroWebCli for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • micropython-noggin - A very simple web server for MicroPython.
  • uwebsockets - MicroPython WebSocket implementation for ESP8266.
  • microdot - The impossibly small web framework for MicroPython.
  • micropython-nanoweb - Full async MicroPython web server with small memory footprint.
  • MicroWebCli - A micro HTTP web client for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).
  • micropython-configserver - Captive portal for MicroPython including a dumb DNS server and a web server to configure WiFi networks.
  • micropython-aioweb - A minimalist asyncio web framework for MicroPython.
  • thimble - A tiny web framework for MicroPython.


  • ZbPy - MicroPython IEEE802.15.4 / Zigbee parser.




  • micropython-font-to-py - A Python 3 utility to convert fonts to Python source capable of being frozen as bytecode.
  • writer - A simple way to render above Python fonts to displays whose driver is subclassed from framebuf.
  • ssd1306big - A font for MicroPython on 128x64 pixel SSD1306 OLED display.
  • framebuf2 - MicroPython FrameBuffer extension: larger and rotated font, triangles and circles.



  • lvgl - An object-oriented, component-based high-level GUI library with MicroPython binding.
  • micropython-lcd160cr-gui - Simple touch-driven event based GUI for the Pyboard and LCD160CR colour display.
  • micropython_ra8875 - MicroPython device driver and nano-GUI for RA8875 based displays.
  • micropython-nano-gui - A tiny display-only GUI with a limited set of GUI objects (widgets) for displays whose display driver is subclassed from the framebuf class. With drivers for TFT, ePaper and OLED displays.
  • micro-gui - Derived from nano-gui and supporting the same displays and hosts, this provides for user input via push buttons or a navigation joystick and an optional rotary encoder.
  • TFT-GUI - A fast touch GUI for large displays based on SSD1963 controller with XPT2046 touch controller.
  • micropython-nextion - Control Nextion displays using MicroPython.

LCD Character

LCD Graphic


LED Matrix

LED Segment






  • ads1x15 - Driver for the ADS1015/ADS1115 ADC, I2C interface.
  • micropython-ads1015 - ADS1015 12-Bit and ADS1115 16-bit ADC, 4 channels with programmable gain, I2C interface.
  • Micropython_ADS1115 - ADS1115 16-bit ADC, 4 channels with programmable gain, I2C interface.
  • ADS7818 - Python class interfacing the ADS7818 AD-converter.
  • micropython-ads1219 - MicroPython module for the Texas Instruments ADS1219 ADC.
  • micropython-hx711 - MicroPython driver for HX711 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter.
  • MicroPython-ADC_Cal - ESP32 ADC driver using reference voltage calibration value from efuse.
  • micropython-pcf8591 - MicroPython driver for PCF8591 ADC/DAC, I2C interface.



  • micropython-inputs - Classes to count pulses, debounce digital inputs, and calculate moving averages of analog inputs for a MicroPython board.
  • ubutton - A MicroPython library for controlling reading and debouncing pushbutton inputs, including "short" and "long" press callbacks.
  • micropython-debounce-switch - MicroPython Class for Debouncing Switches.





  • micropython-ad840x - MicroPython SPI-based manipulation of the AD series digital potentiometers AD8400, AD8402 and AD8403.
  • mcp4131 - MicroPython module to control MicroChip's MCP4131 SPI digital potentiometer.

Power Management


  • upwmcontroller - A MicroPython library for controlling PWM outputs in an asyncio loop, with features including fading and blinking.

Rotary Encoder

Shift Registers

  • micropython-74hc595 - MicroPython driver for 74HC595 8-bit shift registers.
  • MicroPython-SN74HCS264 - MicroPython Driver for SN74HCS264 8-Bit Parallel-Out Serial Shift Registers With Schmitt-Trigger Inputs and Inverted Outputs.

Waveform Generator


DC Motor

  • L298N - Driver for the L298N dual H-bridge motor controller.
  • MicroPython-L298 - Drive L298 dual H-bridge with MicroPython.




Accelerometer Digital

Air Quality


  • micropython-bme280 - Driver for the Bosch BME280 temperature/pressure/humidity sensor.
  • micropython-bmp180 - Driver for Bosch BMP180 temperature, pressure and altitude sensor.
  • mpy_bme280_esp8266 - Bosch BME280 temperature/pressure/humidity sensor.
  • BME280 - MicroPython driver for the BME280 sensor, target platform Pycom devices.
  • micropython-bmp280 - Module for the BMP280 sensor.
  • micropython_bme280_i2c - A MicroPython module for communicating with the Bosch BME280 temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor.
  • MicroPython-BME280 - Driver to digital sensor of Temperature, Pressure and Humidity.
  • micropython-bmp180 - A module for MicroPython which provides a class for the BMP180 pressure sensor.
  • BMP390 - MicroPython module for BMP390 pressure & temperature sensor.
  • BMP180 - MicroPython module for BMP180 pressure & temperature sensor.







Distance IR

Distance Laser

Distance Ultrasonic


  • pyGP2Y - MicroPython library for the Sharp GP2Y1014AU0F Dust Sensor.


  • ATM90E26_Micropython - Driver for ATM90E26 energy metering device.
  • MCP39F521 - ESP8266 scripts for reading MCP39F521 power monitors.
  • micropython-p1meter - A ESP32 sensor to read a p1 electricity meter and publish this to MQTT and Home Assistant, written in MicroPython.
  • esp32-solar2 - Simple solar regulator - MicroPython project.



Motion Inertial



  • uPy_APDS9960 - MicroPython proximity library for ESP8266 using APDS9960.


Soil Moisture

  • micropython-chirp - Driver for the Chirp Soil Moisture Sensor.
  • MicroPython-MiFlora - Xiaomi Mi Flora (aka flower care) BLE plant sensors (soil moisture/conductivity/light intensity/temperature).


  • AS726X_LoPy - MicroPython driver for the AS726X spectral sensor.

Temperature Analog

  • micropython-max31855 - Thermocouple amplifier, SPI interface.
  • max31856 - Precision thermocouple to digital converter with linearization, SPI interface.
  • mcp9700 - Generic MicroPython driver for MCP9700.

Temperature Digital

Temperature IR

Touch Capacitive

  • micropython-mpr121 - Driver for MPR121 capacitive touch keypads and breakout boards.
  • micropython-ttp223 - Examples using TTP223 capacitive touch module.
  • micropython-TTP229-BSF - MicroPython ESP8266/ESP32 driver for TTP229-BSF 16-key capacitive keypad in serial interface mode.
  • uFT6336U - MicroPython I2C driver for the Focus LCDs FT6336U capacitive touch panel controller IC.

Touch Resistive


  • micropython-mcron - MicroCRON is a time-based task scheduling program for MicroPython.
  • micropython-scron - SimpleCRON is a time-based task scheduling program inspired by the well-known cron program for Unix systems.
  • Schedule - A scheduler for uasyncio based applications. Schedule events at specified times and dates.
  • micropython-aioschedule - A persistent uasyncio scheduler that supports deepsleep between task runs.




  • micropython_eeprom - Cross-platform MicroPython device drivers for memory chips (EEPROM, FRAM, Flash, PSRAM).
  • mb_24x256_512 - Very simple MicroPython module/driver for Microchip 24x256 and 24x512 I2C EEPROM devices.
  • micropython-eeprom - MicroPython driver for AT24Cxx EEPROM.




  • mb_PSRAM_64Mb_SPI - Very simple MicroPython module to use a generic 64Mbit PSRAM (ie Adafruit 4677) with a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040).


  • mb_23LC1024 - Very simple MicroPython module to use a Microchip 23LC1024 SPI SRAM with a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040).
  • mb_47x16 - Very simple MicroPython module/driver for Microchip 47x16 EERAM devices (47L/47C).


  • MicroWorkers - A micro workers class that easily manages a pool of threads to optimise simultaneous jobs and jobs endings, for MicroPython (used on Pycom modules & ESP32).

User Interface

  • upymenu - MicroPython Menu for LCD Displays.





  • micrOS - MicroPython-based IoT Framework.
  • terkin-datalogger - Flexible data logger application for MicroPython and CPython.
  • perthensis - Perthensis: an asynchronous framework for MicroPython.
  • meerkat - I2C Data Acquisition for MicroPython and Raspberry Pi.



Code Generation





On Device

  • upy-shell - A simple command line-based shell for MicroPython.
  • Micropython-Editor - Small on-board editor for Pyboard, WiPy, ESP8266, ESP32, PyCom and Adafruit devices written in Python.

On Host

  • rshell - Copy or sync files to boards, enter REPL from your terminal.
  • ampy - Utility to interact with a MicroPython board over a serial connection.
  • mpbridge - A file system bridge to synchronize and manage files on a device running MicroPython.
  • mpfshell - A simple shell-based file explorer for ESP8266 and WiPy.
  • mpsync - A tool that automatically synchronizes code to a MicroPython board.
  • mpremote - Powerful official shell that supports mounting the host's current directory on the target. Run code without changing the target's filesystem.



Contributions and suggestions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

I will keep some pull requests open if I'm not sure whether those libraries are awesome, you could vote for them by adding 👍 to them.